Tucson Geriatric and Senior Pets:
A Perfect Match for a Mobile/Housecall Vet Practice

Older pets have special needs because of the changes that occur in their bodies over time. As an example, many senior/geriatric pets develop arthritis in their joints, just as humans do. In addition to arthritis, numerous other problems can arise during the latter half of a pet's natural lifespan. Chronic degenerative diseases are common, major organs can begin to function less effectively, and problems with mobility are seen frequently. 

Senior dogs or cats are those reaching the human equivalent age of 51 years old or higher.  Cats and small breed dogs are often considered to be seniors at around 7 or 8 years old.  Large and Giant breed dogs are often considered to be seniors at around 5 or 6 years old.  Geriatric dogs or cats are those reaching the human equivalent of 69 years old or higher, and are those pets most often faced with health conditions requiring special care. 

If your pet is past the half-way mark of his or her natural lifespan, we strongly recommend you set up a senior/geriatric consultation with Tucson housecall vet Dr. Dosselman and Cactus Creek Mobile Veterinary Services.  Gentle and compassionate vet Dr. Dosselman will come to your house (Oro Valley and Marana, Arizona included) and perform a comprehensive senior/geriatric examination on your pet right in your home.  He will then point out both the current health problems present and also possible future age-related issues which may arise.  By having a housecall visit for your aging pet, you allow your pet to remain in the comfort of your home and avoid the stress of travel to the clinic.  A vet visit to your house can greatly help with pets that are painful or frail and is essential for those pets that cannot be gotten into a vehicle.     

Dr. Dosselman will provide caring professional guidance for all your pet's health issues.  Thankfully, the majority of senior/geriatric pets can be made more comfortable and have an increased quality of life with close veterinary guidance.  There are many options available to address primary problems, control pain, increase mobility, and lessen stress levels; these will be discussed in detail during the consultation. 
Your older pet is a very important family member and deserves the very best in home veterinary care. 

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