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Pet hospice care and home euthanasia services are both available for your beloved pet, right in the familiar and peaceful setting of your own home.  Gentle and caring vet Dr. Dosselman offers these services to both care for and humanely euthanize Tucson pets who are seriously ill. If your pet reaches the point where he or she is unable to function or has an unacceptable quality of life, then veterinary intervention is needed and can help. Dr. Dosselman will make sure your pet can be comfortable in your home until the time comes to say goodbye. Dr. Dosselman and Cactus Creek Mobile Veterinary Services has had a special focus on providing compassionate Tucson housecall euthanasia & pet hospice services since 2003 and it brings us great satisfaction to be able to provide these loving options to those pets who are in need. Dr. Dosselman offers these services for all of Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana, Arizona.

For those dogs or cats who are nearing the end of life, whether due to a terminal condition or simply age, hospice care measures are available to make their remaining time more comfortable. Pet hospice focuses on relieving symptoms your pet dog or cat might have, rather than curing any conditions present. Our goal with veterinary pet hospice for cats and dogs is to prevent pain, lessen stress, and increase quality of life as much as possible, all while at home and surrounded by loving family members. Hospice & home euthanasia vet Dr. Dosselman has many years of experience in dealing with seriously ill pets and can provide pet hospice guidance and solutions to the problems your pet dog or cat has; all of this can be done on a housecall basis.

Every pet eventually reaches a point where it's body just cannot function adequately, it is suffering, and/or there are no further treatment options available. At this point, many pet owners elect to have their pet humanely euthanized (put to sleep, put down). Often the pet owner relies on input from the veterinarian in order to make this decision. During an end-of-life consultation, Dr. Dosselman will use his veterinary expertise to help you determine whether quality of life for your pet is at an acceptable level. He will help you determine whether suffering is occurring and whether our euthanasia service is the best option. With Dr. Dosselman's guidance, you can make your decision knowing you will not have feelings of guilt or regret afterwards.

If the decision to euthanize is made, Dr. Dosselman will compassionately perform this gentle and peaceful procedure in the comfort of your own home, when both you and your pet are ready. A home euthanasia visit avoids having to leave the privacy of your home, drive to a clinic, and be in unfamiliar surroundings for this precious last period of time together. At home, the procedure can take place wherever your pet is most comfortable, whether it be on a favorite chair, bed, or under a tree in your back yard. A sedative will be administered to your pet and will gently take effect within about 10 minutes. The sedative relaxes your pet and ensures the most peaceful experience possible. Once the sedative has taken effect, your pet will be unaware and the final drug will then be administered directly into the vein.

In addition to professional and gentle services to humanely euthanize pets, Dr. Dosselman also offers Tucson pet cremation services (for most pets) with or without your pet's ashes returned to you. Please call us if you have any questions regarding cremation options. For more information on our euthanasia and hospice services, please visit our sister websites at  www.tucsoneuthanasia.com and www.euthanasia-tucson.com.  

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