Why A Tucson Mobile/Housecall Vet?

1890's Housecall Doctor
One of the greatest benefits of using a mobile vet service is the more relaxed pace and more personal relationship that is developed during the home visit.  Housecalls typically allow more time for interaction between veterinarian, owner, and pet.  This extra time allows for a more thorough history taking and examination, and ultimately results in better care for your pet.  

Cactus Creek Mobile Veterinary Services has been serving Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana, Arizona since 2003. 
Over this time, we have found numerous occasions where one might choose to use a house call vet.  These occasions include:

♦ Pet owner's need for convenience (no need to transport your cat or dog to the clinic; no waiting at the clinic; Tucson home vet Dr. Dosselman comes to your home)

♦ Pet owners with disabilities or who can't drive a vehicle

♦ Multi-pet households

♦ Pets with painful conditions worsened by any movement

♦ Pets that become easily stressed during transport

♦ Pets that cannot be gotten into a vehicle

♦ Pets that do better when examined in their own home/familiar surroundings (we can work wherever your pet feels most comfortable)

♦ Pets that are unsocialized, untrained, skittish, fearful, or even aggressive (Tucson veterinarian Dr. Dosselman has many years of experience in working with special-needs pets in a household setting)

♦ Geriatric and Senior pet care in a comfortable home setting (please see our Geriatric Pets page for more on this)

♦ Gentle and peaceful home euthanasia, where you and your beloved pet can say goodbye in the comfort of your home (please see our 'Hospice & More' page for more on this)

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